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SRM Achiever’s Connect 2020ver’s Connect 2020
           SRM Achie

        We, at the Directorate of Alumni Affairs, bring to you SRM Achiever’s Connect 2020. Eleven eminent personali-
        ties will not only teach you to survive in the growing competitive world but also will teach you to compete with
        yourself and bring out the best of your capabilities.

        The SRM Achiever’s Connect was successfully organized with the most interactive panel session. The students

        present were given the opportunity to ask questions to the speakers and to clear their doubts. The majority of
        them were curious about careers and internships which the alumni vividly explained in the session.

        We are glad to have such amazing alumni as well as the curious students and would like to thank them for
        making our event more glorious and successful.

        “Success is achieved by taking small steps daily towards our goal”.

        Directorate of Alumni Affairs organized the SRM Achiever’s connect on The 15 February 2020 which witnessed
        a number of enthusiasts participants from every stream.

        This event was a grand success due to the presence of 11 eminent personalities who shared their invaluable
        experiences and journey towards achieving their destination.

        We are grateful to have them here and would like to have them more in the future.

          Mr. Rahul Kumar (Genetics, 2010)                  Mr. Sagar Choudhary (Mech, 2010)
          Mr. Neeraj Krishnamoorthy (Bioinformatics, 2009)  Mr. Roshan Kesvan (MBA, 2011)
          Ms. Devanshi Seth (IT, 2013)                      Mr. Krishna Kumar Suresh (CSE, 2015)
          Ms. Yashika Khater (Biotech, 2013)                Mr. Karthigeyan (MBA, 2002)
          Mr. Madhavan Unni                                 Mr. Rakesh Gupta (IT, 2010)
          Mr. Karthik Balu (ECE, 2008)

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