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            Covid Relief vid Relief

        Contribution from the University

        With the pandemic outbreak of Coronavirus, India has been af-

        fected in many ways. Many have come across to fight against

        the current situation and give a hand towards the needy. The
        teaching,  nonteaching  and  administrative  staff  of  SRMIST  too

        stepped up and donated Rs. 1.15 crores to help those affected

        due  to  this  pandemic.  The  sum  was  transferred  to  the  Tamil

        Nadu Chief Minister’s Public Relief Fund by the Founder Chan-

        cellor  of  SRM  Institue  of  Science  and  Technology,  Dr.  T.  R.

        Paarivendhar, who is also a Member of Parliament of Lok Sabha

        from the Perambalur Constituency.

        Contribution from the Alumni

        SRM Alumni too came forward in this and together they have

        donated around 250 packets of essentials to the needy in and
        around Potheri. In this present tough time, when the world is

        facing the wrath of the deadly coronavirus, our humanitarian

        side is resurfacing. Once again with time, the human race has

        proved themselves by fighting against this battle together.
        The Directorate of Alumni Affairs expresses the hearties grati-

        tude to all the alumni who joined hands in helping the needy in

        these tough times.

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