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Delhi Meetup
           Delhi Meetup

        “Reunion is the time when many alumni choose to reflect
        upon  and  celebrate  their  college  experience  in  different
        ways.” Held on January 25, 2020.  NCR Meetup came out
        to be another success story of the Directorate of Alumni

        The  best  positive  vibes  always  come  out  from  a  group
        of good people. It was a great time with the alumni that
        provided  a  motivating  platform  to  spread  inspirations
        amongst themselves with new developments and ideas.

         Mr. Anshuman Dikshit-Mechatronics(2017)-KTR  Mr. Nakul Mehrotra-Nanotechnology(2013)-KTR

         Mr. Ketan Aggarwal-ECE(2016)-NCR               Mr. Kartik Mittal-Mech(2017)-KTR
         Mr. Harsh Aditya-ECE(2015)-NCR                 Mr. Mohd Asad-EEE(2015)-NCR
         Mr. Sumit Jain -Mechatronics(2013)-KTR         Mr. Archishman Panja-EEE(2014)-KTR

            Bangalore Meetupe Meetup

         The  Directorate  of  Alumni  Affairs  conducted  Bangalore
         Meet on February 02, 2020.

         In the heart of the silicon valley of India, Our alumni base
         is growing strong. The IT hub witnessed the 2nd edition of
         Bangalore meet-up. Alumni hailing from different branches
         came together to rejoice and share their experiences from
         the past

         Nakul Mehrotra (Nano, 2013)                       Roshan Kesavan (MBA, 2011)
         Pranay Ranjan (Biotech, 2020)                     Sunil Bhargav N (Aero, 2019)
         Shubham (ECE, 2020)                               Jayaprakash R (Mecha, 2019)
         Yoganand (Mecha, 2012)                            Teerth R Koradiya (Mecha, 2019)
         Anurang Desarda (Civil, 2019)                     John Melchizedek (Aero, 2013)

         Recall  it  as  often  as  you  wish,  a  happy  memory  never
         wears out. One of our alumni Mr. Roshan Kesavan organ-
         ised a meetup among the alumni at Bangalore on March
         01, 2020 All of them met for a cup of tea and interacted
         among each other leading their individual growth.
         Shashank Malla (Mech, 2017)
         Sharaswati Biswas (Gen, 2016)
         Sunil Pareek    (Mech, 2017)
         Kartik Srinivasan (Aero, 2014)
         Roshan Kesavan (MBA, 2011)
         Venkat Jayanth (EI, 2018)
         Shivam Kishore (EEE, 2017)
         Saurabh Talreja (EEE, 2017)

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