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Leadership Talkalk
            Leadership T

        Dr. Shishir Shekhar

        Dr.  Shishir  Shekhar,  2009  alumnus  from  ECE  department  and  complet-
        ed his masters in Electrical Engineering and Business Management from

        North-eastern University and Harvard University respectively. He enlight-
        ened the attendees on how one should remain focused on achieving his

        goals and should try to know the why and how of all things.

        He reminded the audience of the fact that SRMIST is an ocean of opportu-
        nities and it depends on the individual on how s/he uses this opportunity.

        He concluded the session by stating the importance of leadership and how
        one can bring this quality inside him.

        The  Directorate  of  Alumni  Affairs  organized  a  mentoring  session  with
        Shishir Shekhar on 12 March 2020.

        Mr. Nandyala Guptha Vivekanand
        Directorate of Alumni Affairs organized a webinar on 31 May 2020 at 4 pm
        where the attendees learned how to apply for masters and a job in core

        industries. It has  been proved firmly by our SRM Alumni, Mr.  Nandyala
        Guptha Vivekanand (2012, ECE)   that success solely depends on constant

        hard work and dedication towards our goals and on grabbing every oppor-
        tunity. He is a Physical Design Engineer at Apple Inc. Munich. He owes a
        major part of his success to SRMIST for providing him numerous platforms

        like Aaruush, Robot Olympics, and SRMSAT.

                                                  Women’s Day Leadership Talk
                                                  “A strong woman stands up for herself. A brave woman stands up

                                                  for everybody else.” Women’s Day is all about celebrating the role of
                                                  women as a mother, sister, wife, and fiance and showing them how
                                                  much we love, respect, and value them. Amidst so many difficulties
                                                  they proved everyone wrong with their grit, passion, perseverance,

                                                  and rock hard determination.

        Names from left to right
        Ms. Dhrati Chandrawat (2020 – CSE) - Placed in Mu sigma.
        Ms. Shilpa Thakur (2018 – Mechatronics) - Project Manager and System developer at Aura Labs SIIC.
        Dr. Anderleen Diana Lazarus -Philips (PhD) - Executive Secretary to VC, SRMIST.
        Ms. Ayushila Vithika (2020 - Chemical Engineering) - Selected for IAF
        Online attendee – Ms. Sagarika Chakraborty (2018 - Telecommunications Engineering) - An innovator at Vesatogo Innovations

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