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Hyderabad Meetupderabad Meetup

         Success has nothing to do with what you gain in life or ac-
         complish for yourself. It’s what you do for others. Alumni
         meetup  provides  an  excellent  platform  for  our  alumni  to

         meet over a cup of coffee and share their success and fail-
         ure stories helping everyone in their endeavours. It also fos-
         ters alumni relations and helps them share ideas leading to
         every individual’s personal growth.
         The Hyderabad meetup was held on February 08, 2020

         Akhil (Mech, 2019)                                Nakul Mehrotra (Nano, 2013)
         Harshin Lalpet (Auto, 2014)                       Anurag Mahato(Chem, 2015)
         Akbar (Auto, 2017)                                Abdul Kareem Mohammed(EEE, 2019)
         Purvagnya Iragavarapu (Auto, 2017)                Ashhar Ahmed Shaikh(Mechatronics, 2018)
         Bellamkonda Ajaybabu (IT, 2015)                   Subhash Kumar (Mech, 2020)

           Pre-Internship Faire-Internship Fair

         “You don’t have to be great to start but you have to start to be great”

         The Directorate of Alumni Affairs has a keen interest in helping students to accomplish their goals and reach
         great heights in their endeavours.
         The Pre-internship fair conducted by the Directorate of Alumni Affairs on 12th February 2020 at biotech semi-

         nar hall provides students with some of the best tips and tricks to sit for an internship interview, which makes
         them ready for their summer internship.

         Some of the important topics highlighted in the event are-
            »  Resume making
            »  Goal & vision settings

            »  Tips to get internships in IITs and IIMs

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