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Thank you note for outgoing Presidentou note for outgoing President
           Thank y

        We  take  pride  and  pleasure  in  congratulating  Prof.  R.  Ven-
        kataramani  for  his  epic  journey  with  SRMIST.  After  his  grad-

        uation in Civil Engineering in 1968, he started his career as a
        lecturer in PSG College of Technology (1969 – 1975). He addi-
        tionally gained his Masters in Structural Engineering from IIT,

        Madras  (1972).  He  was  deputed  to  the  University  of  Basrah,
        Iraq and worked as Lecturer (1975 - 1982). After working with

        NBKR  Institution  and  Crescent  Engineering  College  (1982  –
        1987), he stepped his foot in SRMIST.

        He played a leading role in the establishment of SRM Engineering College and the development of Infrastruc-
        ture facilities from 1987 to 2003. From 2004 till his retirement in March 2020, he held various administrative

        positions and served the University with his great leadership qualities. With all his enormous knowledge and
        expertise, he spent all his time on SRMIST and for the students.

        He was a great leader, mentor, guide, and guardian for the hostel students during his tenure as Director, Cam-
        pus Life.

        As president of the SRM Alumni Association, he has contributed towards the enormous growth in the activities
        of the Directorate of Alumni Affairs (DAA) in engaging the alumni in a more meaningful and productive way. We

        would not have been able to accomplish these without his wise counsel and patient advice.

        Sir, as we look back on your time with SRMIST, please know that our achievements would not have been pos-

        sible without you at the helm.

        On behalf of SRM and the Directorate of Alumni Affairs, we pay our sincere respect and thanks for all your self-
        less service and support extended to us.

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